Handmade dumplings

Summary: The main varieties cover various high-quality production areas and imported specialty fruits and vegetables across the country.

Handmade dumplings

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Dumplings come from the ancient corner. Jiaozi is also known as Jiaozi, as early as The Three Kingdoms period, Wei and Zhang Yi written "Guang Ya", mentioned this kind of food. According to research: it is from the Southern and Northern dynasties to the Tang Dynasty "crescent shaped wontons" and the Southern Song Dynasty "dry meat Shuangxia Jiao zi" development, has a history of more than 1,400 years. The historical records of the Qing Dynasty say: "On the New Year's Day, the feast of the same away, such as eating flat food, the name of the corner, take its more years of the meaning of Jiaozi."

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