Four-color shumai

Summary: The main varieties cover various high-quality production areas and imported specialty fruits and vegetables across the country.

Four-color shumai

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Shaomai, also known as Shaomai, Xiaomi, Shaomai, Shaomei, Shaomei, and Guipeng Tou, originated in the Yuan Dynasty and is known as "shao" in Japan. It describes the fluffy and floral shaped top, and is a Han ethnic snack that is steamed and wrapped in hot noodles.
It is shaped like pomegranate, white and crystal, with many fillings and thin skin, fragrant and delicious. It has the advantages of Xiaolongbao and Potsticker, and is often used as a banquet delicacy in the folk.
Born and raised in China, it has a long history. There are significant differences in the materials and methods of making roasted wheat in different regions.

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