Roast duck cake

Summary: The main varieties cover various high-quality production areas and imported specialty fruits and vegetables across the country.

Roast duck cake

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1. Take an appropriate amount of flour (fine powder can be) with boiling water into a snowflake shape, add a little cold water and dough, knead into a smooth dough, cover the plastic wrap and wake up for 20 minutes (15 minutes can be proved in practice).
2. Pull the dough into a slightly larger dosage than the dumpling wrapper, two in a group. Press one flat, brush one side with oil, the other the same size, cover one side with flour, then press the oil side and the powder side together, roll out into a thin, round piece. The best way to start is to roll it out once and then roll it out on the other side, so that the two pieces stacked together are equal in size.
3. After the pan is hot and the heat is low, put the cake into the pan until you see the bubble on one side, immediately turn to the other side, so that you can see the cake will automatically split small mouth, tear the cake along the small mouth, that is, two pancakes, the production process is only 3 minutes, and so on......
4. It's up to each person to decide what to eat. Stir-fried vegetables, green Onions, salad dressings or various kinds of jam are also acceptable.

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