Pan-Fried Dumpling

Summary: The main varieties cover various high-quality production areas and imported specialty fruits and vegetables across the country.

Pan-Fried Dumpling

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Pot stickers, a famous traditional snack in China, belong to the food of frying and boiling stuffing. Exquisite production, delicious taste. With different fresh vegetables according to the season. The shape of pot stickers varies from place to place, usually in the shape of a long thin dumpling, but Tianjin pot stickers are like pouch fried.
The bottom of the pot sticker is deep yellow, crispy, soft and tough, and the filling is delicious. In a sense, what the Japanese call dumplings are pot stickers. Pot stickers are popular flavor snacks. Daoxiangju pot stickers are famous for their precise selection of materials, fine production and beautiful quality. Finished product irrigation soup flow oil, yellow coke color, delicious overflow. In northeast China, it is also called water dumpling. Pot stickers and gyoza should not be confused, they are not the same.

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