Jade dumpling

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Jade dumpling

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Dumpling is a traditional Chinese food. It is shaped like a half moon or a ingot and filled with dough. It can be made into steamed, fried or soup dumplings. There are different stories about the origin of dumplings. Some believe that dumplings evolved from wontons, others believe that dumplings originated from the ancient "corner son", and there is a legend that dumplings were first created by Zhang Zhongjing, a man from Nanyang Niyang (today's Dengzhou, Henan Province) in the Eastern Han Dynasty.  In its long development process, there are many names, such as "fast pill", "flat food", "dumpling bait", "pink horn" and so on in ancient times. Since Ming and Qing Dynasties, the word "dumpling" has been widely used. 
Jiaozi is a staple food and local snack in northern China. It is also a festival food. The custom of eating jiaozi on festivals mainly exists in northern China. Meat was scarce in ancient times, so dumplings filled with meat were naturally good food. People in the north say: "delicious but dumplings." In northern China, dumplings are eaten to celebrate any festival. Other important festivals are also interspersed with eating dumplings. For people in northern China, dumplings have long gone beyond the meaning of food and become a complex

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