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Vegetable spring roll

Spring roll, also known as spring cake, spring plate, pancake. It is a traditional food in Chinese folk festivals, popular all over China, especially in Jiangnan and other places. In south China, Spring rolls and sesame dumplings are eaten instead of dumplings during the Spring Festival. And in Zhangzhou area Qingming Festival also eat spring rolls, folk in addition to their own food, often used for guests. Spring roll has a long history, evolved from the ancient spring cake.


Roast duck cake

Take an appropriate amount of flour (fine powder can be) with boiling water into a snowflake shape, add a little cold water and dough, knead into a smooth dough, cover the plastic wrap and wake up for 20 minutes (15 minutes can be proved in practice).



Consumer food safety tip | the Spring Festival, according to the necessities and the prompt you away

"Firecrackers in New Year's Eve, spring breeze warm into Tu Su." The Spring Festival is the most lively festival of the year. It is the traditional custom of Chinese people to prepare and store up New Year's goods. In a few days, is the New Year's Eve, do not know your home is ready for the Spring Festival. Check out this Spring Festival stocking guide from Professor Cheng Jingmin, a national health science expert, registered dietitian of the Chinese Nutrition Society and doctoral supervisor of Shanxi Medical University.


Egg consumption has entered the age of nutrition

From all-round well-off to all-round modernization, people's yearning for a better life has shifted from "no" to "good", and the demand for agricultural products has changed from "full and good food" to "healthy and nutritious food". Eggs, as a daily necessity for the vast majority of people, are leading this trend of consumption.