Food industry to keep fresh

As the traditional exhibition area of the third phase of the Canton Fair, the food exhibition area continues to be crowded and noisy. In the first offline exhibition since the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibitors smell a new trend in the food industry. They have said, to keep up with the trend, improve the quality of preservation.

As the traditional exhibition area of the third phase of the Canton Fair, the food exhibition area continues to be crowded and noisy. In the first offline exhibition since the COVID-19 pandemic, exhibitors smell a new trend in the food industry. They have said, to keep up with the trend, improve the quality of preservation.

Quality, or quality

Anhui Zhaolong Food Co., Ltd. mainly promotes chocolate, bubble gum, pressed hard candy, and exports its products to the Middle East, South Africa, West Africa and South America. Since this year, the trade with Russia has increased significantly.

Sales manager Yang Lijie said that the international demand for snack products will steadily increase, and customers' requirements for product quality are increasing. Excellent quality and stability are very important, and price advantage is also very important on this basis. In addition, some changes have also taken place in transportation channels. For example, freight transportation in Russia has shifted from sea transportation to railway transportation, thanks to the gradual improvement of the Belt and Road Initiative, which provides more convenient and efficient transportation channels.

Yang Lijie said that he has been engaged in export trade for six years and attended the Canton Fair for three years. He felt that the flow of people to attend the fair was increasing, and the atmosphere of negotiations and exchanges continued to heat up. This time he made an appointment with some old clients, and the two sides maintained a smooth signing intention. "The Canton Fair after the epidemic has brought more new faces and new opportunities for cooperation."

Tang Jinyi, assistant general manager of Angel Yeast Co., LTD., said that the exhibition products are mainly yeast and its derivatives, but also brought a new product tea. Angel yeast products have been exported to more than 160 countries and regions, the newly developed tea plans to export to Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia, and set up subsidiaries in many places around the world.

In terms of the yeast industry, Tang Jinyi believes that "businesses will become more and more concentrated." In this trend, the strength of the enterprise is to strengthen the technological investment, enhance the technological advantage, enhance the competitiveness of the product.

Changde paper pot is a new friend of the Canton Fair. Business manager Peng Sihua introduced that the first exhibition mainly promoted food grade cans, easy to tear cans, potato chip cans, plug lid cans, mother cans, etc. The products adopted the global popular green packaging, some specific materials with heat insulation and pressure resistance characteristics, widely used in food, tea, medicine, health products, wine, chemical, gifts and other industries. The company now has cooperation with Dali Food Group, Tomson Bihealth, Pearl River Bridge and other brands.

Peng Sihua said: "Through the Canton Fair, we can find that the development trend of the food packaging industry is very good. One obvious change is the customer demand from plastic packaging to paper packaging, preferring environmentally friendly materials, which also reflects the deepening of the concept of environmentally friendly production around the world."

Develop new products to meet new needs

Into Shantou City Ausman Food Industry Co., LTD. Booth, a large number of vivid colorful animal modeling candy into the eye. Foreign trade salesman Miss Qiu said, these are handmade original design candy, with mechanical production line products are difficult to reach the vivid and unique, the company staff need to go through about half a year of training to reach the level of skilled decorating workers.

Ms. Qiu, who has attended the Canton Fair for nearly a decade, said the biggest benefit is that foreign customers bring different ideas and product needs, pushing the company to develop new products. "For example, customers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East prefer animals and cartoon shapes. Once a customer needed a candy shaped like a unicorn, so the company designed the pattern, discussed with the customer repeatedly and revised it, and finally launched a series of unicorn candies, which are very popular in the target market."

Bursts of chicken soup smell, burging pills slippery entrance bullet teeth, Dashan booth attracted a big wave of diners. He Chuan, partner of Dashan Hyacinth Technology Co., LTD., shows the exhibits to reporters - stewed chicken soup, bamboo sun meal substitute biscuits, porcini paste and so on. All of these are deeply processed foods derived from the original products.

He said the company quickly reacts to changes in market demand and develops targeted products. For example, stewed chicken soup is popular among overseas Chinese. The export market covers Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., with seven or eight kinds of exported varieties, the export volume is also large. In the wake of the Hex Tech incident, customers are wary of buying heavily processed products and scrutinize ingredient lists to check for additives, preservatives and the like. In response to this change in the market, Oyama Hekai issued no added condiments, products made of eight kinds of mushrooms and mushrooms, with natural flavor to enhance fresh, online and offline sales. In response to the needs of consumers for body shape management, Oyama Hekai issued bamboo Sun substitute meal biscuits, which are beneficial to weight loss and fat loss and suitable for people with three high levels. After the shiitake sauce market was nearly saturated, Oyama developed porcini sauce, which was sold to high-end markets such as Sam's Club and was popular with customers in Europe and the United States.

He Chuan believes that "the epidemic three years to make up for ten years", the current consumers to the concept of food and nutrition cognate of medicine and food increasingly recognized. The business of primary agricultural and sideline products like dried mushroom may become more and more difficult to do. The deep-processing industry of food has high threshold and high gross profit, which is the development trend in the future. Enterprises must increase investment in research and development, production and consumer demand research.